These Things Are Not That Fun

by Fresh

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released November 18, 2015

drums: Deyaz Willis-Browne
bass: Soroush Fereydoni
guitar: James Rowland
guitar and most vocals: Kathryn Woods

All production by James Rowland
music and lyrics written by Kathryn Woods
EXCEPT our cover of "Derailed" which was written by Joyce Manor, so obviously we don't own that. They gave us permission to post it here and we're big fans!

We made this record entirely ourselves with our own equipment. We had no external support financially or in terms of free studio time etc.

EP art taken by Frankie Mantheakis
THANKS TO: The bands that we've played with, the blogs who've featured us and the friends who have given us encouragement and support. the low low prices of the roundhouse studios. Ciara, Frankie, and Kacper for letting us borrow his pedals. Dan Hale for letting us borrow his drum gear.



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Fresh London, UK

Fresh are a band from London.


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Track Name: The Woods
Last night I downed two bottles of water
I lay on the floor, felt my chest rise and fall and tried not to think about the future.
Cause then my hand will curl into fists
all the novels I'm reading for school
oh my friends, I don't have the time
To fairly love you all

It's about time that someone finally looked our way
We've been here all along
Working hard, keeping strong
But this band just doesn't pay
And your despair fills every space
Covering our faces with hoods
While our eyes are going green
From too much looking at the woods

Hiding in cool, crisp sheets
like a dusk-lit dream
Track Name: Passing
I'm holding back my anger
My temper has flared and I'm languishing in this school
It's a daily reminder
The world will never be mind, be yours, be safe, be cool

If you gave me attention
I'd have nothing to say
Maybe these words are better unworn
A lack of confrontation
And my hair was so short that I always passed for a boy

It's not hard to say
2012 has left a bad taste in my mouth
If I ever get my way
then I won't be seeing any of you around
Track Name: On Edge
Sat on a stiff chair, Googling symptoms
Trying to remember the day, trying to recall what I wore
You're singing voice sounds staged or at least incredibly different
It doesn't stumble on the high notes anymore

Looking at wild roads
Dark, rural and twisting
Trying to remain calm and hope that I looked good
We made own drinks
knew nothing about mixing
Made me feel stronger
More powerful than I should

Everything's golden 'till that power goes

If I'm feeling self-conscious I'll get dressed in the bathroom
People overstep boundaries: you can never be sure
It's not that I don't trust you it's just how the world raised me
Never let your guard down
You've been warned
I was warned

Everything's golden 'till that power goes
Track Name: House Phone
Call me on the house phone
We'll talk 'till it hurts to think
Things have been stilted since I got home
They really thought that time away would do me good

But the tests went out and the results are in
Calculate the resulting hemorrhaging
I bled for you when I was fourteen
And you're still in every damn record I spin

So call me on the house phone

Please just don't leave me alone
Your bed's dishevelled from the mess of sleep
Just remember you reap what you sow
You can't hide in the night's dark deep anymore

We're both only going to be eighteen for so long
Despite the misleading information of that pop-punk song

Old age, growing up, growing old - it's coming for us whether we like it or not
Whether we like it or not

So call me on the house phone
Track Name: Cinema Woes
Just talk it out
And then leave it alone
I said "I want a clean slate, for when I leave home"

You got a stupid face and a smile that might grow
But I'd rather a billion miles than cinema woes

Me, I hate open fields and countryside roads
Just give me cities and bars and punk rock shows

You got a stupid face and smile that might grow
But i'd rather a billion miles than cinema woes

You were the first of the last of my tide's golden sea
And for that I sincerely hope that you'll remember me